The Map to You

Book cover of "The Map to You" by Rachel Stockbridge
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This novel is about love, trust, and learning how to be yourself when all you want is to be anyone else. If you are looking for a sweet queer romance story with great characters, an entertaining yet emotional plot, and more wonderfully cheesy pickup lines than you can poke a stick at, this is for you!

The Map to You

(Next Stop Love, #2)

Sasha Deforest always seems to fall hardest for girls she can’t have. And she’s never fallen harder than she has for her tough, stubborn best friend Kinsey. Sasha can’t help all the outrageously flirty things that come out of her mouth when they’re together, even if Kinsey always plays it off as a running joke. Sasha doesn’t really mind, though. Just being friends is easy. Uncomplicated. And it gives her an excuse not to open up about her troubled family life back home.

But when Kinsey’s parents have an emergency six hundred miles away, Sasha can’t help but drop everything to make sure she gets there. The only problem is that the six-hundred-mile road trip introduces complications. Kinsey starts flirting back, for one thing. And it’s a hell of a lot harder to keep her at arm’s length when they’re sharing a hotel room far from home.

Sasha knows that if she wants the love of her life to love her back, she has to be brave enough to open up her heart. But taking that chance also means opening herself up to more heartbreak. And she’s just not sure she’s willing to risk it. Especially if it means losing her best friend in the process.

Funny, sweet, and emotional, The Map to You is the sapphic friends-to-lovers college romance you didn’t know you needed.

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