Photograph Rachel Stockbridge smiling in front of a bookcase

Hi there, indie romance author Rachel Stockbridge here! I’m a lifelong accidental nomad with a music degree in Electronic and Acoustic Composition (yes, really) and an ever-growing collection of books, Post-its, house plants, and art supplies. I think it’s fascinating how the creative arts can shape our lives and hit us right in the feels and make us smile, and I especially love exploring those things through stories and characters.

I write sweet-but-sweary slice-of-life romances about characters who are flawed, snarky, and lovable. I’ve always adored imperfect, big-hearted characters. Characters who might make mistakes, who might not know how to communicate all the time, who might struggle with mental health or past trauma that they’re not entirely equipped to handle—but who are brave enough to fight for their happily-ever-afters anyway. I wanted more books with characters like that in the world. So now I write them. 💛

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