Next Stop Love

Book cover of "Next Stop Love" by Rachel Stockbridge
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This book is so much more than just a romance book, it is a story about forgiveness, about chasing your dreams and not letting your past dictate your future.

Pao Vilchis, Goodreads user

Next Stop Love

(Next Stop Love, #1)

Beatrice Bauer is struggling to keep up with the demands of family, friends, college life, and a part-time job. She doesn’t have room to breathe, much less question whether the track she’s on is worth the effort. But it’s fine. She’s fine. She can breathe after college.

Julian Moon is doing his best to get back on his feet and reconnect with his dream of being an illustrator. The problem is he can’t seem to shake the habit of making all the worst decisions. The most recent of which is his return to New York, where all his problems started in the first place.

When a shared commute dumps Julian and Beatrice in each other’s lives, they start wondering if there isn’t more to life than a desperate scramble to stay afloat. If maybe a coincidental commute acquaintance couldn’t become something more.

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