April Writing Update (With a Tiny Amount of Info About NSL #3!)

I sent out a longer version of this to my mailing list a few days ago (there was even a comic-style scene snippet, oooooh!), but I thought I might as well post the gist of it here, as well!

I’m super busy drafting the third book in the Next Stop Love series this month. This one is about Fabiana (Julian’s sister, who you may remember if you happened to read Next Stop Love) and a guy who hasn’t shown up in any of the books named Javi. (Unless I change my mind about his name again…I probably won’t…I think…)

If my calculations are correct, I’m still somewhere in the first quarter of the new book, so I don’t want to get too much into what is or isn’t going to happen (particularly because it took me several false starts before I landed on a good storyline for The Map to You and I’m not entirely sure I won’t have to do that with the new book as well). But I am having a lot of fun writing this book so far.

Usually drafting is my least favorite part about writing, but aside from feeling like I ‘m writing very slowly, I’ve been feeling pretty good about the process this time around. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had a few days of “ummmm, how do people write books again??” and a few other days of “crap, I don’t think I get Javi at all,” but most days I’m just grinning at my computer and enjoying the ride.

I just hope I can make some of that fun translate into the finished novel! 😅

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