Happy Pride! Have a short story!

I’ve been procrastinating fixing a novel problem, which means I have a new short story to share!

You may already know that I published an mlm short story a couple of years ago (“How to Win Staring Contests and Intimidate People” – which is free and available just about everywhere).

The new short is a wlw story that ties in with the Next Stop Love series, and is available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers.* My beta readers seemed to like it for the most part, and I hope you will too!

The first rule of hooking up: never let feelings get involved.

Viv has a reputation for favoring hookups and casual relationships, and she likes it that way. But when a flirting “demonstration” turns into a disarmingly honest kiss, Viv finds that this time it’s hard to let the other girl walk away. As though she’s somehow developed feelings for her. And that’s bogus.


Taking place during the first few chapters of The Map to You, “Viv Collins Catches Feelings” delves into a side story about two supporting characters that wouldn’t have fit into the main narrative. There aren’t any major spoilers for The Map to You, though, so it’s also a good place to start if you want an introduction to the series!

(If you’re already a subscriber, check your inbox for the download link! It wasn’t working yesterday morning due to author error, but it’s functional now. 😘)

P.S. In honor of pride month, the ebook of The Map to You is on sale all month for just $2.99! So go forth and grab yourself a copy for even more wlw romance!

*It’s totally fine if you want to grab the short story and unsubscribe immediately, btw! I’d like for you to stick around, of course, but I know newsletters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. 💛

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