Next Stop Love: Release Day 💛

Next Stop Love by Rachel Stockbridge

Love will get you back on track

Beatrice Bauer is struggling to keep up with the demands of family, friends, college life, and a part-time job. Julian Moon is doing his best to get back on his feet and reconnect with his dream of being an illustrator. Neither of them is making much headway on their own.

But when a shared commute brings them together, they start wondering if there isn’t more to life than a desperate scramble to stay afloat. If maybe a coincidental commute acquaintance couldn’t become something more.

My debut novel is now LIVE! You can buy it at most retailers in ebook form, and from Amazon as a paperback!

I’m off to see about a celebratory book birthday cake. But before I go, I thought I’d leave you with a short excerpt from the book, where the two main characters run into each other at the coffee shop where one of them works.

“You’re so weird,” Julian muttered, sliding the bag of pastries and the coffee off the counter.

“Actually,” she said, going pink again, “my name is Beatrice.”

He lifted an eyebrow at her. “That’s a big name for such a tiny person, isn’t it?”

The corner of her mouth twitched. “Just be happy my mom didn’t go with her original idea.”

“Which was what?”

“Desdemona Amaryllis,” she said, in a pitch-perfect deadpan.

Julian let out an undignified snort of laughter. He covered his mouth with his wrist and tried to turn the snort into a cough to save some face.

But Beatrice the pastry-pushing, coffee-proffering lion-girl was trying to hide a very smug-looking smile of her own. “Most people just call me Bee,” she said.

He recovered quickly and stuck out a hand to shake hers. “Julian. Most people call me Julian.”

You can pick up the book for more banter and jokes. 😉 Or you can always preview the first six chapters if you’re not ready to commit. You have to sign up for my mailing list for access, but you can always unsubscribe as soon as you get the download.

If you want to let me know how you’re enjoying the book, I’m on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (or you can send me an email!). I’d love to hear what you think!

Take care, friends!

Text and images copyright © 2020 by Rachel Stockbridge. All Rights Reserved

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