Next Stop Love Release Countdown: 1 Day

Next Stop Love drops TOMORROW! I can barely believe it’s all grown up already.

I confess I’m kind of a bundle of nerves, beneath the excitement. This book was a long time in the making. Writing it helped me through a couple of tough years, and I feel as though I put a little piece of my soul into the story.

Next Stop Love is as much about finding the strength to overcome hardships as it is about falling in love. I hope that comes through to my readers, too!

Love will get you back on track

Beatrice Bauer is struggling to keep up with the demands of family, friends, college life, and a part-time job. Julian Moon is doing his best to get back on his feet and reconnect with his dream of being an illustrator. Neither of them is making much headway on their own.

But when a shared commute brings them together, they start wondering if there isn’t more to life than a desperate scramble to stay afloat. If maybe a coincidental commute acquaintance couldn’t become something more.

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